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Chiropractic Care in Cottage Grove MN

Chiropractic therapy sometimes referred to as an adjustment or manipulation is a manual therapy of a joint of the body. Adjustments are generally performed by hand. Often you may hear a pop or snap sound when having an adjustment this is called a cavitation. The sound is not from bones crunching against each other, it’s actually the opposite as the joint capsule is stretched a nitrogen gas bubble inside the joint fluid is formed and then immediately collapses and is reabsorbed into the joint fluid, the collapsing of the bubble is what makes the sound.

At Oehler Chiropractic, your local Chiropractic Care in Cottage Grove – we take our time when performing adjustments so we can be as gentle as possible as to use the least amount of force needed to mobilize the joint. This is the first phase for most patients’ recovery, after gaining mobility patients progress to the stability and control phase of care.

What makes us different from other local Chiropractors?

You may have heard from other Chiropractors that once you start chiropractic care – you’re stuck with getting adjustments for life? Absolutely NOT true! Some conditions may take a little longer to heal but most can be greatly improved within a few visits. We would be happy for you to stop in anytime and say hello but our goal is for you to not need to come in. Some people choose (not required) to have semi-regular care (a visit every 1-6 months) even if there’s nothing wrong just because they notice that they feel better with regular “tune-ups”.

Below you will find a checklist of things that we strictly DON’T do at Oehler Chiropractic – your local Chiropractic Care in Cottage Grove MN:

  • Ask for large amounts of money up front
  • Ask you to commit to unending or long treatment plans (3-6 months)
  • Perform unnecessary imaging on every patient
  • Ask you to purchase expensive equipment or supplements
  • Hidden fees or charges

In addition toChiropractic care in cottage grove mn Chiropractic Care – at Oehler Chiropractic, we also provide multiple different treatments to meet your specific needs from sports massages and trigger point therapy to corporate chiropractic care!


chiropractic care in cottage grove mn

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