Dr. Dustin is a true professional!

Hannah H.

Dustin is the best chiropractor I have been too! Excellent choice to come here!

Kimmie A.

I have been a chiropractic patient for many years due to chronic headaches, and have been a patient of several different chiropractors over the years. In just a few visits Dr. Dustin has enabled me to be almost completely headache free. I appreciate his professionalism, the amazing gentle adjustments, and his willingness to teach me exercises to do at home. A visit with Oehler Chiropractic is not a quick assembly line adjustment. Dr. Dustin spends time to listen, ubderstand, treat and teach. I am very grateful to have found a great natural care provider!

Sher N.

Oehler Chiropractic is great! I wasn’t really a believer in chiropractic and had never been to a chiropractor before. I suddenly had terrible lower back pain – so bad that I couldn’t turn to my side or bend down to pick something up. Dr. Dustin was flexible enough to do a house visit since I had too much pain to be able to drive to his clinic. He did some adjustments and right then it felt much better. Literally, the next day the pain was so minute that I forgot it was even there the day before and I was back to my routine. Would definitely recommend!

Sama A.

I am a 57 year old woman who has suffered from shoulder pain for years. Therapy a couple times, different drugs nothing helped. I have had 3 sessions with Dr. Oehler and can’t believe the relief I am finaly feeling. I had never tried a chiropractor before. If you’re thinking about seeing one please make an appt. I am AMAZED.

Lori F.

My husband surprised me with a massage for our 10 year anniversary with Dr. Oehler. It was the BEST massage I had ever had! Previously I’ve had massages that were painful and not as relaxing as one would expect but Dr. Oehler is able to make it relaxing as well as effective. Both my husband and I have purchased packages to continue to see Dr. Oehler for regular massages. I also love the fact that it is right next door to my gym so If I want to I can schedule a massage right after a workout. AMAZING!!

Angi B.

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