Secret benefits of Chiropractic care

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You may have heard about Chiropractic care helping people overcome injuries such as dislocated shoulders, or perhaps fix a bad posture. However, you probably haven’t heard of a Chiropractic Treatments that can help fix someone’s mood or emotional well being. Sounds bizarre? It’s really not! Before we explain exactly how this is done, let’s talk briefly about chiropractic healthcare. Chiropractors are professionals who believe in the idea of spines being centers of the musculoskeletal system and therefore central to the well being of cardiovascular health and the nervous system, which in turn affect virtually everything governing our bodies. This also takes into account the importance of the brain, that controls feelings and mental well being. Oehler Chiropractic, your local Chiropractor in Cottage Grove is here to help you with all your chiropractic needs. 

Chiropractor in Cottage Grove | Emotional Well Being

When you’re comfortable and well, the body’s entire system is in balance and harmony. The chemistry that controls our body is exactly how it should be. However, if there are certain chemical imbalances: pain from a broken bone, stress from work, a major traumatic episode, our emotions spiral down and can quickly hold our daily lives and activities hostage. This is all pivoted around physical health and the nervous system. You won’t find it odd to see injured or depressed patients getting muscle therapy.  Oehler Chiropractic, your local Chiropractor in Cottage Grove provides Chiropractic care that doesn’t only fix and alleviate pains and other relevant injuries that might cause distress and emotional instability, it also balances the body’s chemistry and provides relaxation and comfort that can be expected from back massages or soaking one’s feet in warm water after a long day’s work. This is why many Cottage Grove patients dealing with depression can see noticeable changes for the better in their mood and emotional well-being after regular visits to a good chiropractor.

Chiropractor in Cottage Grove | Sleeping well

We all know how detrimental lack of sleep is to one’s well being. Not being able to sleep means not waking up for work on time, or being groggy, weak and unproductive. This not only leads to a broken sleeping and eating cycle, it also takes a serious toll on a person’s mood. It is hard to stay motivated and productive when you are constantly tired, fatigued, and in pain. Lack of sleep can be because of many reasons, but almost all of them narrow down to the physical attributes that contribute to other issues. These problems are pain, stress, and body aches. Individuals who incorporate regular chiropractic care into their healthcare and well being report having much higher levels of rest and overall wellness.

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At Oehler Chiropractic, your local Chiropractic in Cottage Grove MN – We provide individualized progressive treatment plans (no one size fits all) with a focus on 3 phases 1) mobility 2) stability 3) strength. Our goal is to return you back to normal function as quickly as possible so you can get back to the activities you enjoy, whether it’s working in your garden or training for a marathon. Our initial goal is to reduce pain and increase function by at least 50% within 2-6 visits, if we are unable to meet this goal we will reassess and discuss possible treatment options with other healthcare providers such as physical therapists, neurologists, or orthopedic surgeons so we can find the right fit for your goals. Call us today, at 651-340-9413 or visit our website for more information. Find out more from the links below:

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