3 reasons for Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractor Cottage Grove MN | 3 reasons for Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractor Cottage Grove MNChiropractic care is a new concept to many; maybe you overheard a coworker raving about it at the office, or perhaps you recently dislocated a bone and decided to try a noninvasive route instead of traditional surgical techniques and painkillers, leading you to the magic that is chiropractic care and recovery. Or maybe, you’re simply a curious person who wants to know more about this route of healthcare that has become increasingly popular over the past several years. Well fortunately, chiropractic care is not something you only need to consider if you have a serious dislocation or injury. Your Chiropractor in Cottage Grove MN – Oehler Chiropractic, in many ways is how a yoga instructor is for pregnancies or mindfulness: we help you not only get healthy but stay healthy.  Chiropractor Cottage Grove MN

Chiropractor Cottage Grove MN  | Reduce stress and correct your posture

Taking care of the spine and making spinal adjustments means taking care of a much wider spectrum of musculoskeletal health. When you nourish your muscles, the nervous system benefits from it and so does the rest of the body. An average working person will probably experience stress at some point in young adulthood, let alone old-age, that will physically impact the body and cause a physical strain. Many of our Cottage Grove, MN patients complain about not being able to work or carry simple daily tasks when they are fatigued physically; therefore a chiropractic Cottage Grove professional can help you get back on track and be able to not only recover, but thrive! After all, your brain is in charge of your well-being and a strong nervous system thanks to a good chiropractor can go a very long way.  Chiropractor Cottage Grove MN

In today’s day and age, most of us surround ourselves in environments such as corporate workplaces where we have to be seated for several hours, use electronics such as computers in clinical and repetitive ways, or be in the services industry where we are lifting heavy weights and always on the move. Over time, this can result in very bad postures and cause a lasting issue in the body. That’s why, especially while we’re still in adulthood, bad postures need to be remedied before they manifest into more serious problems. Oehler Chiropractic, your Cottage Grove chiropractic professional has worked with patients with neck issues from earlier childhood injuries, to people of older ages who struggle to perform simple daily tasks. With regular local Cottage Grove chiropractors assistance, you can therapy your body before these issues develop into more serious lifelong complications.  Chiropractor Cottage Grove MN

Chiropractor Cottage Grove MN | Strengthen immunity

Another very significant benefit of regular Chiropractic care from your local Cottage Grove Chiropractor is that the professional is able to remove subluxations that are preventing a good and healthy nervous system from functioning. This network that is centered by the brain is in charge of sending and receiving information: how we physically and emotionally feel, and also what we’re doing. Keeping the nervous system healthy through regular chiropractic care is then a very beneficial wellness option, and a stronger nervous system is directly beneficial to a strong immune system: whether that is for fighting diseases and weaknesses, or ensuring a healthy life at later ages post-retirement in your Cottage Grove home.  Chiropractor Cottage Grove MN

Chiropractor Cottage Grove MN | Oehler Chiropractic – your Local Cottage Grove Chiropractor!

At Oehler Chiropractic, your local Chiropractor Cottage Grove MN – We provide individualized progressive treatment plans (no one size fits all) with a focus on 3 phases 1) mobility 2) stability 3) strength. Our goal is to return you back to normal function as quickly as possible so you can get back to the activities you enjoy, whether it’s working in your garden or training for a marathon. Our initial goal is to reduce pain and increase function by at least 50% within 2-6 visits, if we are unable to meet this goal we will reassess and discuss possible treatment options with other healthcare providers such as physical therapists, neurologists, or orthopedic surgeons so we can find the right fit for your goals. Call us today, at 651-340-9413 or visit our website for more information.

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